Well Drilling & Equipping

Site 71 Well Replacement
As the Construction Manager at Risk for this Scottsdale project, MGC was responsible for drilling and equipping this replacement well which was part of a pump and treat operation for the Indian Bend Superfund Site.  The facility was drilled and equipped within 100 feet of private residences and no complaints were lodged due to the efficient sound barrier system that was used while drilling the well.  The well now operates in a sound proof enclosure and is a neighborhood friendly facility. The old Well 71 was capped and abandoned in place upon completion of the replacement well.

Trinity Well Field Equipping
MGC was New Braunfels Utilities’ first Construction Manager at Risk. We equipped four very deep (greater than 1,000 feet) raw water wells that allowed the owner to access a lower aquifer not yet taxed by rapid growth in the area as was the upper aquifer. MGC returned $700,000 of the initial Guaranteed Maximum Price to the owner on this project by finding cost efficiencies after project award.

Water Treatment

Bullard Water Treatment Plant
This new 3.5 MGD Reverse Osmosis Facility delivered with design-build to treat high TDS/Nitrate well water and blend in an existing water storage tank for the City of Goodyear, Arizona. This facility allowed the owner to significantly reduce the TDS in their water distribution system and was delivered via design-build by MGC Contractors. MGC constructed this design build reverse osmosis water treatment plant and experienced 687 days of work without a lost time accident.

Val Vista Water Treatment Plant
As the Construction Manager at Risk for the City of Phoenix, MGC constructed electrical and mechanical upgrades, including more than 50 control elements, and rehabilitated various systems to improve overall plant operations and water quality.

Arsenic Removal

Correctional Facility Arsenic Treatment
MGC, as the design-bid-build General Contractor, replaced 6-10’ diameter Arsenic adsorption vessels, media, pipelines and backwash tank for a State Prison in Texas.  Security was of the utmost importance and no project related security incidents occurred.

Osborne Water Plant Arsenic Treatment
MGC, as the Construction Manager at Risk, constructed a new water production facility that included 2 ground water wells, coagulation and filtration Arsenic treatment plant, 2.5 MG below grade post tension reservoir, 5 MGD vertical turbine booster pump station (located on top of the post tension reservoir), disinfection system and 5 miles of distribution pipelines.

Water Reservoirs

Anderson Pump Station and Reservoir
MGC, as the design-bid-build General Contractor, constructed this high service pump station expansion and well site upgrade for San Antonio Water System. This 15 MGD pump station expansion helped increase pumping capacity allowing for further development of surrounding communities. The expansion consisted of a 7.5-million-gallon post tension tank, 6 high service pumps, new flow meters and electrical building including new motor control centers for each of the six high service pumps.

CATS Well Water Plant and Reservoir
On a design-build project, MGC constructed a coagulation filtration arsenic treatment facility as well as a four-million-gallon fully buried post tension reservoir and a booster pump station. The 16 MGD treatment facility is expandable to 21 MGD, was designed to blend in with a new casino and resort area, was fast track and on time completion allowed the resort to open for business on time.

Booster Pump Stations

Trinity Well Field Booster Pump Station
As the design-bid-build General Contractor, MGC constructed a new water plant and we performed site grading and drainage, paving, fencing, landscaping, equipped well pumps, well collection piping, post-tension ground water storage tank; 3.5 MGD high service pump station, disinfection facilities, electrical building and water distribution pipeline.

Booster Pump Station 179
As the design-bid-build General Contractor, MGC built this project in the heart of the Scottsdale Arts District. An architecturally intensive structure, it includes four vertical turbine booster pumps a hydro-pneumatic tank, a backup generator, a water feature in the park for the performing arts and a public restroom.

This project helped Scottsdale to increase water pressure for fire protection needs in high rise buildings in the area. MGC delivered this project for less than the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) and per the project schedule. This project won an American Public Works Association Project of the Year Award in 2010.

Lift Stations

OWRF AWRF Lift Station
MGC, as part of a Construction Manager at Risk team for Chandler, constructed a 20 MGD wastewater lift station. The lift station wet well is huge at approximately 60’ x 30’ x 40’ deep. It is equipped with 7 submersible pumps and a bridge crane for maintenance. Supporting the lift station is an Oxy Fog odor control system and a 36” diameter pigging station.

North Pump Station
As the General Contractor for the City of Scottsdale on a design-bid-build project, MGC added fully enclosed 500 horsepower submersible pumps, new residual pumps and increased the backup power generation capacity. This upgraded the capacity of this very large lift station by 25%. The upgrade also included expansion of the electrical and control systems.


PW 2 Pipeline and Well Equipping Project
MGC was the General Contractor on this design-bid-build project for EPCOR Water in Texas. The project scope was to install 3000 LF of 36” ductile iron pipe and 200 LF of 16” pipe with 2 air release vaults and 2 blow off vaults along the line. The pipe tied the newly equipped PW-2 well pump into EPCOR’s existing pump station and cooling tower. The work also included a new well site which consisted of a 700 HP, 4 MGD well pump, an electrical pad and canopy structure, transformer pad and a new 480V switchboard.

Osborn Water Plant Distribution Pipeline
As the Construction Manager at Risk, MGC constructed over 5 miles of offsite finished water pipeline (ductile iron and C900 plastic), including 1.3 miles of 16″, 2.2 miles of 20″ and 1.7 miles of 30″. This pipeline was mostly in an undeveloped area which allowed MGC to achieve very high production rates.

Wastewater Treatment

Ak-Chin Water Reclamation Facility
MGC, as the General Contractor, constructed this state-of-the-art membrane biological reactor water reclamation facility in Southern AZ. Major elements of this project consisted of an entirely new campus including a laboratory, operations facilities and community offices. Process elements included a new headworks, 5 miles of sewer collection and water distribution piping, UV disinfection, a post-tensioned concrete reclaimed water storage tank and a solids belt filter press. This project won AZ Water’s 2011 Wastewater Project of the Year.

North and South Kuehler Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades
MGC, as the General Contractor, constructed aeration basins, a rapid mix basin, a new membrane thickening process (influent fine screens for membranes, dedicated membrane blowers, permeate pumps), dedicated digester blowers, associated electrical, piping and sitework for both plants, positive displacement blowers, a new MCC at the North Plant and a dissolved oxygen control system.

Odor Control

67th Avenue Odor Control
As the design-bid-build General Contractor, MGC replaced a package odor control system with a soil bed odor control system including miscellaneous mechanical and electrical improvements.

Ak-Chin WRF Odor Control System
MGC as the design-bid-build General Contractor constructed this Native American Community’s first Water Reclamation Facility. The project included a large odor control system that collects and scrubs air from all wastewater process elements in the facility.

Water Reuse

Aquifer Storage and Recovery Well #5
MGC, as the Construction Manager at Risk for Fountain Hills Sanitary District, equipped an Aquifer Storage and Recovery Well, installed a force main from the plant to the ASR well, installed the pump and piping at the plant and installed a sanitary sewer manhole and piping at the ASR well. This facility gave the District the ability to double the amount of recharge water they could store and feed to the famous Fountain Hills Lake


Surprise Vadose Zone Recharge Wells
MGC, as the design-bid-build General Contractor, was contracted to install 13 vadose zone recharge wells capable of recharging 3.5 MGD and 2 additional wells were added by change order for a total of 15. This included approximately 2,200 feet of buried 16” and 24” piping, a flushing station and 15 wells complete with mechanical piping. The project also included converting the existing 5 wells from radio communications to fiber optics. The project was substantially complete months ahead of schedule.

Valve Maintenance

Treatment Plant Valve Maintenance
In 2011 the City of Scottsdale selected MGC Contractors to repair or replace valves at the following facilities: Scottsdale Water Campus, Chaparral Water Treatment Facility, North Indian Bend Wash Granular Activated Carbon Facility and Central Groundwater Treatment Facility. We successfully completed this contract in 2016 and repaired or replaced hundreds of valves. Generally, valves larger than 16” were rehabilitated and smaller valves were replaced for economic reasons. No unplanned outages occurred during this work.

Pressure Reducing and Air Relief Valve Maintenance
MGC is performing preventative maintenance on water system Pressure Reducing Valves (PRVs) and Air Relief Valves (ARVs) for the City of Scottsdale. We strategically schedule, inspect and record what parts are needed for the maintenance. Our specially trained staff opens each valve to replace all necessary interior parts (seals, seats, gaskets, floats, levers, etc.) with manufacturer repair kits and they thoroughly clean out the valve. We replace the fittings with new parts when they are worn out. Our goal is for the valves and fittings to be as reliable as possible when we leave each site. We maintain a large inventory of manufacturer repair kits and new ARVs so we are always prepared for upcoming preventative maintenance requests.