Safety is MGC’s top priority!

MGC has not had an OSHA safety violation in more than 10 years and is proud of one of the best safety records in the industry. Owners benefit from this safety record because MGC has a very low “e-mod” (indication of safety record) for workers compensation insurance—our Clients realize cost savings through our lower premiums.

MGC has full time, highly qualified, Safety Officers in Arizona and Texas who monitor all of our work sites and our offices to ensure we are adhering to our Safety Program which is based on OSHA regulations and continually updated. Our Safety Officers also manage a Safety Recognition program that rewards our field supervision with prizes and certificates for safety on our jobsites. Our whole team meets bimonthly to review any safety incidents or OSHA updates.

In recognition of our exemplary safety record and practices, MGC has been awarded the “Culture Inversion Award” by Lovitt & Touche in back-to-back years (2019 & 2020). This distinction is awarded to companies who have a demonstrated culture of safety, beginning at the executive level and echoed throughout the entire organization.


We initiate our safety program the moment we mobilize onto a jobsite. A site-specific safety plan is developed for each site before their first day of work on the site. This plan is distributed to all on site personnel including MGC, our Subcontractors and the Client’s Staff, and we review the plan with them.

An example of our safety vigilance is the Goodyear Bullard Water Campus. MGC provided a design-build reverse osmosis water treatment plant and experienced 687 days of work without a lost time accident.

MGC begins our work days with a tailgate safety meeting—all our employees and subcontractors are briefed on the planned activities for the day including a thorough discussion of any special safety precautions for the work ahead.

MGC maintains a drug-free workplace through pre-employment screening and random testing because we insist on providing our employees and visitors with the safest jobsite.