Quality Control (QC) is MGC’s prime responsibility.  QC begins with the initial design assumptions or work descriptions.  We have a saying at MGC that “quality is designed in”.  Examples of this are laying out piping systems and equipment installations such that operations staff can quickly access all valves to make adjustments easily and safely.  MGC has developed a quality control program that effectively addresses all of the work typically required in an industrial setting.  Our QC program focuses on the following:

  • We know that precise layout, pipe drawings, and installation which we perform produce a longer lasting project
  • Layout the testing requirements early—this allows subcontractors and suppliers to factor in the costs required to ensure that high quality work is completed
  • Document all testing results and make available to the Owner should the need arise
  • Replace or rework (at our expense) any work that does not comply with the plans and specifications
  • Develop accurate as-builts utilizing plan drawings, still photos and video photography as the changes occur


MGC’s Quality Control and Quality Assurance (QC/QA) Program is described below and will be in full compliance with your project specifications.

During the Preconstruction Phase our responsibility will be to define all of the personnel involved in the QC/QA program from MGC and the Owner’s organization. We will record all contact information and qualifications and designate a “Competent Person” from MGC to be responsible for our quality program. We will also develop a list of definable features and a schedule of values for these features. MGC will designate an authorized person to represent us on your project and the Owner will also designate such an individual. These two authorities will agree on all of the QC/QA forms, tests and inspections required on the project.

The next items to be completed during the Preconstruction Phase requires coordination with all agencies involved with the project and the location of all existing utilities by asking for local utility locators to perform utility location services.The last part of the preconstruction services is to develop a submittal review process by agreeing what submittals are required by the contract documents, preparing a submittal list and then developing a submittal review process. This process will designate who from the Owner (or their representative) will provide submittal review and acceptance.

Examples of submittals can be:

  • Product data
  • Construction Safety Program
  • Shop drawings
  • Laboratory qualifications
  • Samples
  • Testing analysis
  • Certificates
  • Quality Control Testing Plan

The Construction Phase QC plan will include a construction schedule showing the sequence of the project and other procedural documents that explain how to handle show drawings, submittal logs, requests for information, traffic control plans and other items required by the specifications.

The Completion Phase of the QC/QA plan will describe close out procedures for the project and will address such items as training, punch lists, system operation turnover, and record documents.

At the end of our projects we want to look at our work with the pride of knowing we have built another high quality facility.