PM Tools

MGC incorporates state-of-the-art software solutions into our projects. Besides using the current versions of Microsoft Windows/Office and AutoCAD (3D), MGC uses the following project management tools to ensure high quality on time delivery.


The Primavera solution is a subsidiary of the enterprise resource planning Oracle. The Primavera solution is one of the premier project portfolio management systems available today. Primavera is a web-based solution that can be accessed wherever there is an Internet connection. Primavera carries the full suite of applications to manage a construction project. The software contains functionality for customer management, service management, bid management, project scheduling, and project management. The software offers powerful reporting capabilities that allow MGC to monitor multiple projects at once. Meanwhile, the cost control module can export multiple projects to a single spreadsheet to illuminate cost variances so you can track which projects are the most profitable. The software can be used by a wide range of trades including paving, concrete, earthwork/excavating, and mechanical and HVAC.

INEIGHT Estimate®

INEIGHT Estimate® is used by owners, EPCMs, and contractors to build cost model estimates from resource libraries, design quantities, quotes, historical estimates, and other estimate sources. INEIGHT Estimate® establishes standard processes and core estimating methodologies with role-based templates, common views, central resource rates, industry specific libraries, and the reduction of spreadsheets.

INEIGHT Estimate® allows MGC to maintain current vendor pricing and resource rates. These rates can be updated to the library on a scheduled daily/weekly/monthly basis from external systems to maintain consistency and address dynamic external cost influences. We are also able to leverage third party data libraries by vertical and craft, including built-in support for Richardson CostData, RS Means, InfoMine CostMine, and other industry data sources.

MGC can reference historic estimates by activity, resource type, location, geography, discipline, work package, or other components. Historical cost libraries centralize estimate and as-built data to create accurate templates reducing the time to create new estimates. Accuracy is increased, and cost knowledge is shared across the organization including finance, sales, and procurement.

The INEIGHT Estimate® design integrator utilizes the power of outside takeoff systems including OnCenter, PlanSwift, Autodesk Revit, and other third-party design systems to bring assemblies, quantities, and design components directly into the estimate. The design integrator creates a seamless connection from takeoff to estimate recognizing changes and new additions to the design, along with the ability to track and associate design items with labor, material, and equipment assemblies. The change log provides an audit trail by design category.

MGC also uses INEIGHT Estimate® to Analyze multiple quotes simultaneously to select and award vendors at the activity or project level. INEIGHT Estimate® quote management sends quote requests to vendors by email or by fax. Quote comparison reviews activities by vendor, and work types can be split or combined for each vendor. Minority goal attainment analysis and minority participation are tracked through awarded quotes.

With INEIGHT Estimate® we can create estimates directly from a Primavera schedule. A P6 schedule can provide a starting point for activities within the INEIGHT Estimate® estimate including start and finish dates. Resources, roles, assemblies, costs, productivity, phases, and other cost model items can be built in the estimate, and then passed back to the schedule with dynamic scheduling integration to create a library of centralized roles, resources, and other data.


Sage Timberline Office

Sage Timberline Office (STO) helps MGC reduce risk by identifying issues before they become problems and allows us to take control and better manage project details instead of letting them manage us.

STO is a tool that makes all of our project-related information accessible in one centralized system that is fully integrated with accounting functions and lets MGC know exactly where we stand on a project any given point in time.

With STO we can get a clear view of your entire project to:

  • Stay on top of all subcontracts and productivity issues
  • Compare budget vs. actual costs to ensure you’re on track
  • Collaborate effectively to ensure project success
  • Streamline your RFIs, submittals, and other project documentation so that it’s not overwhelming
  • Increase the potential for profit and reduces the risk of litigation through improved communication and documentation