Mr. Gates began his career in the water and wastewater industry as a teenager by working in his family plumbing business. Over the last 45 years he has advanced from Plumber’s Assistant to President of MGC Contractors. Randy takes a hands-on approach to every project MGC pursues and executes. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management and has been with MGC for 27 years.


Mr. Hoopes began his career as a Mechanical Foreman and during the past 34 years has advanced in the field from General Superintendent to Executive Vice President for MGC Contractors where he has been for 15 years. Doug takes great pride in MGC’s ability to respond quickly and safely to all our client’s needs. He still enjoys putting on his tool belt and helping our troops in the field.


Executive Vice President (Texas)
Mr. Panter has been in the water and wastewater construction business for 23 years and has been with MGC Contractors for 21 years. He holds an Associate’s Degree in Architecture and a Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management. Mike has worked his way up from Project Coordinator to Division Manager of MGC through the construction project management path.


Division Manager (Texas)
Mr. Roumo began his career as a plant designer in 1981 and has focused on water and wastewater construction for 41 years; 13 years have been with MGC Contractors. His expertise in Design/Bid/Build, Design/Build, Construction Manager at Risk and Job Order Contracting procurement methods helps him manage many types of projects efficiently from conception through construction.


General Manager (Arizona)
Mr. Beetem began his career in the water industry in 2003 after earning his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Greg started with MGC Contractors as a Project Engineer, and over the last 18 years has advanced to his current position as Division Manager for Arizona. Greg thrives on his ability to lead complex construction projects to results that our customers depend on.


Division Manager (Arizona)
Mr. Audilett has 41 years of experience in the water and wastewater construction industry and has worked for MGC Contractors for a total of 10 years. Jeff began his career as an Equipment Operator and has advanced from being a Foreman to his current role as General Superintendent at MGC. He has a sharp focus on safety, production, and quality in all the work MGC performs.


General Superintendent (Arizona)
Mr. Bourgogne has 25 years of experience in the water and wastewater industry; 12 years with MGC Contractors. JP began his career as a Mechanical Foreman and has worked his way up in the field through Superintendent and to his current position as Operations Manager for MGC. JP focuses on ensuring MGC’s jobs are safe, high quality, and completed on time.


Operations Manager (Texas)
Mr. Hansen has been in the water and wastewater industry for 31 years; 11 years with MGC Contractors. He began his career in the field then worked his way up to Project Superintendent before transitioning over to the management side of the industry. Todd now fulfills the role of MGC’s most Senior Project Manager. His field and management experience make him an asset to all Project Stakeholders.


Senior Manager (Arizona)
Mr. Anderson has been in the water and wastewater industry for 21 years; 14 years with MGC Contractors. Kirby holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Engineering and is a Design Build Institute of America Designated Professional. Kirby uses his considerable experience helping MGC, our employees, and our clients succeed in all aspects of project delivery from concept through closeout.


Business Development Manager
Mr. Miller started at MGC in 2021 and has over 31 years of experience as a financial professional & CFO in the Construction Industry. Dave holds a Bachelors Degree in Accounting and has achieved the following credentials; Certified Construction Industry Financial Professional, Certified Treasury Professional and Construction Risk and Insurance Specialist. His comprehensive experience in managing financial and risk matters makes him an asset to MGC.


Chief Financial Officer
Mr. O'Conner started in the field as a Pipe Layer and quickly advanced into a General Superintendent role overseeing piping and equipment installations. He has worked at MGC for 27 years, and now holds the title of Operations Manager. Chuck is responsible for the coordination of subcontractors and the testing and closing out of projects. He is highly skilled at keeping projects on schedule, staying within budget, and ensuring safety is the top priority.


Operations Manager (Arizona)
Mr. Forster is a Projects Director with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Construction Management. Bryan has more than 17 years of experience in the construction industry, and has been with MGC Contractors for 10 years . He is skilled at establishing and maintaining outstanding communication throughout all stages of construction.


Projects Director (Arizona)
Upon graduating from The University of Houston with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering, Mr. Little began his career  in 1999 as a Project Manager, specializing in utility construction.  Kevin brings his exceptional leadership, vast expertise, and unmatched communication skills to our team. His collective knowledge and experience has proven to be invaluable when it comes to understanding plans and specifications to ensures the project has the highest possible value.


General Manager (Texas)
Mr. Perez started with MGC 18 years ago and is now the General Superintendent at MGC Contractors.  Andres is responsible for coordination of subcontractors, quality control, and testing and closeout of the projects. His organizational skills, and eagerness to learn makes him a strong addition to the team.


General Superintendent (Texas)
Mr. McNeil started his career as a Carpenter Apprentice and was quickly promoted to Concrete Foreman and then to General Superintendent at MGC Contractors.  He has over 35 years of experience working with all aspects of concrete including Pre-stressed Water Reservoirs (DYK); 17 years have been with MGC. His background and qualifications exceed all the specification requirements for constructing these structures.


General Superintendent (Arizona)